104 Parks Road, Denville, NJ 07834, US

(973) 713-4717

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm

Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm Welcome to Cedar Gate Farm


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Fresh Local Eggs!

Fresh Local Eggs!

Fresh Local Eggs!


Cedar Gate Farm sell their delicious home raised, hand gathered eggs each week at the farm located at 104 Parks Road in Denville.  

 The chickens are free ranged, cage free, antibiotic & pesticide free and enjoy a diet of local whole grain wheat, whole oats and corn along with oyster shells.


Honor Service!!

Fresh Local Eggs!

Fresh Local Eggs!


Keeping it simple on the farm and hosting the "honor service" is how our eggs get sold! 


As long as you see the “EGGS TODAY” sign up, you may enter to purchase your eggs.  

The eggs are $5 a dozen and are limited to 2 dozen per household.  Please come with exact change.  We would like to continue to supply our customers with home raised farm fresh eggs as they continue to offer us their trust. Please Honor the Honor System.    

About Us


Goats, Lambs, Donkeys, chickens, & PONY's OH MY!!

Circa 1904 Cedar Gate Farm in Denville was used as a dairy farm and originally owned by Eugene Parks and his family.  Carried down from generation to generation and being sold by the late Dr. William Rodda in 2016 to the Denville family named Fred and Larysa Breem.  

The Breem family recently gave the "Red Barn" a facelift and have brought life back to its pastures as promised to the original remaining family members. They currently run the farm raising baby chicks and selling cage free - free range eggs weekly.  They also have produced and sold over 40 skeins of wool from their sheep herd in 2019. 


Along with the chickens and the sheep they also raise dwarf Nigerian goats who provide daily roadside entertainment to local commuters by playing on their wooden playset outside the red barn. 


Bert and Ernie the mini donkeys can also be spotted frolicking along with the newly acquired mini pony's,  "Piper & Bootz", 


Cage - free eggs

Cedar Gate Farm hens are reproduced,incubated,  hatched and raised from day 1 to full size adult hens here on the farm.  Currently having nearly 90+ hens producing generously sized extra large brown eggs with bright orange yolks daily. The chickens are cage free,  free-ranged and currently eat a diet of whole grains that include local hard red wheat berries, local  whole oats, local corn and oyster shells.  They are all antibiotic, pesticide and cage free.  During the week you may often see them free-ranging as well and at times.....crossing the road.  



Melvin is our mascot here at Cedar Gate Farm.  We all enjoyed watching him grow from the size of a shoe to a mighty heafty goofball here at the farm.  Being bottle fed, along with his two twin sisters that were born the previous year, these South Down Baby Doll Sheep have been given the opportunity to become very docile and gentle to the human touch.  Melvin has gotten into some trouble, perhaps like playful young boys do, but we love Melvin and his Koala Bear face no matter what mischief he gets himself into.  The phrase, "Oh Melvin",  is used  here on the property DAILY!!